Fei Feng is a luxury womenswear label based in London. Chinese designer Fei graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design BA(HONS) Fashion Design With Knitwear in 2012. She also experienced internships at Alexander McQueen and John Galliano in 2011.

Fei caught the inspiration from the elegant and graceful vases in Ming dynasty and poems in Tang dynasty. The models were dressed in a variety of huge vases, which were of human body sizes and seemed detached from the real world. The models’ faces were facing the audiences, accompanied by the crochet flowers behind, they walked slowly onto the stage, which presented the “At the door on the same day of last year, we met each other with lots of peach blossoms around” — from the famous poem of Tang dynasty poet Cui Hu.

When the models were slowly turning away from the people, the artistic concept of “I had no idea where you were, the peach blossoms were still smiling at the spring breeze” arose spontaneously. The full garden of spring scenery, the moving flower vases and the twigs, green leaves and flowers swaying in the breeze were picturesque as poems……

The Tang dynasty poem Calligraphy, written by Fei’s grandfather, interpreted the artistic conception that Fei wanted to express.

The flowers and grasses, insects and birds which were originally from the natural world, mixed with the elements of porcelain, calligraphy, painting and embroidery, after Fei Feng used velvet, yarn and satin as fabric combined with knitting, the exquisite colourful and various shapes of vases were presented. The twigs and flowers stretched out from the vases, the hand crochet flowers and leaves were charming but not common, and everything around seemed so beautiful under the reflection of the flowers and leaves. The models walked slowly toward the audiences along with the flute music, which was as charming as Chinese ink and wash painting. They brought the audiences into a poetic daydream.

The models came out in small steps, with twigs and flowers swaying around. It was like the morning breeze blowing across, the sunlight spreading onto the vases which were shining and brilliant. The Tang dynasty poem Calligraphy, written by Fei’s grandfather, interpreted the artistic conception that Fei wanted to express. The birds were singing on the branch of the tree, the dragonflies were dancing in the sky, the cicadas were chirping in the tree at the noon and the flower vines climbed up the twigs and encircled the vases. The models were wearing the luxury hair accessories made by Fei Feng and her mother.

Her mother also combed the Chinese classic hair style for the models, which helped the models’ face look more harmonious and beautiful. In the forest enveloped by night, a beautiful fairy appeared before the audiences. Along with the music of piano, she walked out step-by-step. Fireflies encircled her in the clothes, fresh flowers, green leaves, birds and dragonflies accompanied her. She wore a big hat made of flowers and plants, blended perfectly with the nature, which seemed extraordinary mysterious and free from vulgarity. Wasn’t it what people dreamed of? The picture of human and nature mixed together—— the heaven of peace for the rest of hearts.